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Konu: Escaping the dark horror

Tarih: 27-02-2013, Saat:09:23
Escaping the dark horror

[CENTER] Escaping the dark horror
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Escaping the dark horror (2013/ENG)
2013 | PC | Language: English | Developer: Mxstudio | Publisher: Mxstudio | 595MB
Genre: Horror

A horrible story about a security guard, who was returning from work late at night in a thick fog. He had an accident, but survived. A beast began to haunt him and in the end the main character came face to face with evil itself.

Derek, a typical security guard at a warehouse, was driving home from work one foggy evening. The fog was impenetrable and cold on this long winding road. Suddenly, out of nowhere there was a figure in a mask in a long black dress. Swerving off the road to avoid a collision, Derek turned down the embankment, hit a tree and fell unconscious.

Later, he still wakes up in the pitch black of night, trying to piece together what happened. He looks around, trying to figure out where he is, but the fog is very thick. He looks around and finds a flashlight in the glove box. Derek opens the door and gets out to assess the damage to his car, and see how far off the road sehal. It shakes ... The entire front of the car is completely destroyed by the disaster, and certainly will not start. But quieter ...

In thick fog appears terrifying roar, but what kind of animal? His heart is beating in terror ... It is getting closer and louder. Sounds hungry or angry, and certainly not an animal of small size. Derek quickly runs in the opposite direction from the snarling, hoping to avoid it. Perhaps this is what he had seen on the road before you turn away from it, but he did not want to find out for sure. He ran on seemingly endless forest, but was on the field and stopped. Then the lights begin to surround him, blocking his every direction. And suddenly grim reaper comes out of nowhere in front of him.

System requirements:
- OS: Windows XP, VISTA, 7, 8
- Processor: 1.5 GHz
- Memory: 1.5 GB
- Graphics: NVIDIA 8800 series or higher (or equivalent from ATI), DirectX: 9.0c
- disk: 600 MB

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