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Konu: MechWarrior Quadrology 1989-2002

Tarih: 08-04-2013, Saat:10:59
MechWarrior Quadrology 1989-2002

[CENTER] MechWarrior Quadrology 1989-2002
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MechWarrior Quadrology 1989-2002 MULTi2 RePack by R.G. Catalyst Update 04.03.2013
Year: 1989-2002 | PC | Eng Rus | Developer: Zipper Interactive | Publisher: Microprose | 3.55 GB
Genre: Simulation, Sci-Fi, Mech

Long ago, in the distant future, mankind tired grieve tanks, aircraft and sapper shovels. In addition to the primitive tools of high-tech engineering thought bore military robots - Mech. Megaton Titans, running brave MechWarriors, brought death and joy throughout the galaxy.

Hearing the heavy tread of fur, enemies turns tail (if a pilot fool their heels and rushed). When the cars came together in the battle, and the elements humbly die down, giving way to the terrible power of the steel monsters. Fierce flashes of laser batteries, the thunder of explosions and bursts of automatic extravaganza repeatedly shook the earth and sky. And after ... Was quiet and timid rain hopelessly frustrated by the steaming armor of fallen giants ...

What a pity that such a nifiga you will see.

Well, as you see ... No time will be. The briefing MechWarrior no point of admiration rain. Battle, battle, battle.

As it became known to our agents from reliable sources (Wikipedia, yeah), the first game of the series MechWarrior (DOS / SNES) tells about some MechWarrior, cruel vengeance gibed someone there for her family. Vendetta Battletech universe that still disassembly ... Provided buying, upgrading and utilization of stylish furs, stunning 16-color graphics and the view from the dashboard with buttons. In the SNES version of the graphics pomodnee, incidentally.
MechWarrior 3050 (SNES), does not continue the story of noble revenge. This time the hero (and not the one and the other) riding on Robot Chicken on the side of the clans and disassemble the parts inventory of the Inner Sphere. A-ha-ha, here it is impossible to change the robot. But you can put different guns and look at voynushku in perspective.


? The repack includes:
? MechWarrior - DOS version
? MechWarrior - SNES version
? MechWarrior 3050 - SNES version
? Do not cut / no prekodirovano
? Installation or use of established DOSBox / ZSNES emulation
? time: a few minutes

MechWarrior 2:
Senses, the earth shakes and lemmings gleefully preparing for group suicide? .. Appeared on the horizon huge fighting robots! Proud heavy tread MechWarrior second part is in our house ... Blows ... bearing walls, floors, and crushes out the back of the ...
You still remember the DOS beauty of the first part? Do not cry tears of blood, it was not so bad. So, now it``s much cooler. Even under DOS new technologies offer heat. And under vindosom and the tale - textures, dynamic lighting, 3D acceleration, the mouse in the end. And then there are the sounds of music and movies ... Right, gentlemen, a complete delight!
Today we happen to make war on the side of the warring clans of the Wolf and the Falcon, commit massacres in the name of Ghost Bear, and even feel like a mercenary, fighting for ringing loans. New battles, new emotions - good old BattleTech!
You are not enthusiastic? Lemmings are collected from the nearest cliff - forward after!


? It is based on Titanium Trilogy:
? 31st Century Combat
? Ghosy Bear``s Legacy
? Mercenaries
? Includes working NetMech and MercNet
? Do not cut / no prekodirovano
? Includes WIN and DOS versions
? In the WIN version fixes used to work with WinXP
? Installation or use of established DOSBox / Daemon Tools Lite to emulate
? Optional use of the original audio CD tracks (through images)
? may not download files:
? dat3.catalyst - Audio CD images
? time: 5 minutes
? Required for installation of free RAM: 128 MB

MechWarrior 3:
On the agenda voenoperatsii part in the Inner Sphere. Clan Smoke Jaguar covets refreshing cuffs - and you``re punishing hand. And, while one in the very warrior (on robotyare something), have fun with friends for a long time is not necessary. Join your colleagues and mobile field base - a very valuable artifact from the battlefield because no one will let go. Repair, storage trophies modernization furs - all in the field. We can say this is the highlight of the third game.
Visual feed compared with the previous parts too sour dried fruit. Even today, the picture on the screen and Encyclopedias happy (and tomorrow it will not be worse - tomorrow only gamer zazhretsya more). What``s great in the first mission zhahnut perekatipolyu laser on, turning it into a flaming ball ... Or "accidentally" step on skedaddle homosapiens ... Raskhrenyachit in chips fishing village ... And flop hot metal from firing backwards into the lake, floating circles ... And on the stage as much vrazhin!
In addition Pirate``s Moon is even cooler. Here you can feel as a pirate on the fur with a wooden leg and onboard matershinnikom. Lying. Leg. But still interesting.
That``s just one problem - on modern piece of iron is a miracle no matter what tricks can work out very badly ...


? It is based on Gold Edition:
? MechWarrior 3
? Pirate``s Moon
? Translations of text: English., 7 Wolf, WebColl (only campaign MW3), ZoG
* When you transfer 7Volk/WebColl installed version 1.0 MW3
? Voice and Video: Eng., 7 Wolf, WebColl (only campaign MW3)
? Cut out the sounds of medium and low quality / no recoded
? Installation or use of installed Daemon Tools to emulate
? Optional use of the original audio CD tracks (through images)
? may not download files:
? dat3.catalyst - Audio CD images
? rus.catalyst - Russian translation
? time: 5 minutes
? Required for installation of free RAM: 256 MB

MechWarrior 4:
War! The war on Kentares IV! The Civil War, citizens!
Duke Eric Drezari was treacherously overturned the throne of his niece with an army of accomplices. Rightful heir to Ian Drezari angry! Resistance forces it seeks to overthrow the adversary and desperately pratizanit. But pratizany on furs are not placed in the dugouts, so the war is going to be spectacular. Viva la resistance! Give us a Vengeance!
After the civil warfare story does not end there - add Black Knight offers perementutsya on the side of the Legion of mercenaries, and ears have to kick myself to Ian. Will there be that simple? .. And *** you!
And lastly, again mercenaries - Mercenaries. Enjoy free bread to the full: many planets and contracts, many furs and weapons - all that is necessary for a living! No need to pay taxes. Schasste!
Needless to say, that once again the picture got better? Probably. And what became of arcade gameplay? Valid. So what? It``s nothing. We play.


? In repack games include:
? Vengeance
? Black Knight
? Mercenaries
? Optional installation MekPak``ov * and Hi-Res textures of fur MechStorm
* Only for 32-bit systems
? Do not cut / no pre-encoded
? Translation of the text:
? Vengeance / Black Knight: Eng., ZoG, unknown. + Triad
? Mercenaries: Eng., ZoG, Fargus, 8bit
? Pirate translations modified to compatibility with the latest games
? For a Russian translation replaced fonts for correct display of the Cyrillic alphabet
Maybe not ? swing archives:
? dat4.catalyst - Hi-Res textures
? rus.catalyst - Russian translation
? time: 5 minutes

DEAL RENEWED 04.03.2013
remove the extras folder and file install_MW3 rus.catalyst, pereheshiruyte distribution


v Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / 7
v Processor: 166MHz
v Memory: 32 MB
v Video: 2MB supporting DirectX6
v Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
v Free hard drive space: 900 MB to 120 MB + games for images audio CD (if necessary)

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